TFCC Elbow Component

TFCC Elbow unit
The Elbow Part has been constructed in a thermoplastic polymer with natural cork to reduce the weight. The design provides support over the elbow condyles and has an overlap with a Boa®- system to make application easy for the patient. The
Boa®-system is applied with a low profile hook and can be positioned individually on the surface. The elbow unit is applied over the proximal part of the wrist orthosis and extends the lever arm to provide more axial rotation stability in pronation and supination without restricting flexion or extension in the elbow joint. The elbow unit has no separate function and only works together with the TFCC
wrist orthosis. Over the condyle areas, pad can be applied with hook to provide more support over the elbow joint. The pads can be used bilateral or unilateral. To provide more compression a 5 cm NRX® strap can be applied over the elbow joint to provide more individual compression and support. The elbow unit is available in three sizes: 1-2-3 and in left and right version.  If you are intending to use the elbow unit in conjunction with the TFCC wrist orthosis we recommend not using a too long wrist orthotic since the elbow part should overlap the proximal part of the wrist orthosis. The optimal overlap is about 3 cm.  The elbow unit can be applied either from behind the elbow or over the wrist. The Boa®-system has to be removed from the overlap and then reapplied.

TFC105 · TFCC Elbow unit, Size 1-2-3,
Left and Right

View sizing guidelines in TFCC download page 7.

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