TFCC Compression Sleeve

Compression Hand Sleeves
Patients with distal radius fractures have often problems
with swelling over the wrist area. The edema can get
worse during long term immobilization since the lower
arm muscle pump function is reduced. The compression
hand sleeves are available in two different lengths;
short and long. The compression sleeves are made in
compression class 2 over the wrist and are graded with a
lower compression class proximal. The compression hand
sleeves provide a higher wearer comfort and can also
reduce skin irritation over the friction surfaces in the
wrist orthosis.

TFC107 · Compression Hand Sleeve Short, S-M-L
(Fits TFC101)

TFC108 · Compression Hand Sleeve Long, S-M-L
(Fits TFC102 and TFC103)

Can fit either hand.