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Tactee Cutlery System

Tactee is a new adapter system with magnets that provides new opportunities to create a functional grip. Tactee consists of a Hand Adapter with three strong magnets that are placed next to each other with flexible joints between. The linear position of the magnets provides a secure and strong attachment.

Suitable for:

  • Neurological injuries Stroke MS Tetraplegia The Hand Adapter has a flexible strap made from polyurethane that makes it both hygenic and easy to close the adapter using the mouth. 
  • To secure the adapter further there is a thumb strap that prevents the adapter from sliding off the hand once loaded. 

Available in 3 sizes.
Measurement to be taken around MCP joints.
Small 19-22cm / Medium 21-24cm / Large 23-27cm

Tools available:

  • (Injection molded and made of stainless steel and polycarbonate. The angle of the fork, spoon & knife can be adjusted by using a bending iron. 
  • Fork Spoon Knife Multi adapter - can be used with a toothbrush, razor, pen or other items. 
  • Bottle adapter - has a velcro strap attached which makes it easy to attach a bottle or cup. 
  • Padding set - dorsal pad that can be applied on the adapter to prevent pressure for people with less soft tissue.