NRX Strap

Providing a high elasticity and durability. Breathable.

  • The NRX® Strap is a new material based on CR-Neoprene that can be used for individual orthotic applications for patients with different needs.
  • It can be used as a temporary diagnostic application or as a permanent solution.
  • The surface has a loop textile that works excellent together with the pre-cut low profile hook pieces that can be applied anywhere on the surface.
  • The material has an excellent elasticity and rebound that stays the same during the application.
  • The NRX® material provides a friction effect on the skin that provides an increased proprioception when applying it over a joint or a muscle. It’s perforated to allow ventilation of the skin and can be machine washed in 60 degrees for optimal hygiene.
  • The material is 100% latex free and provides a local heat insulation that can provide an increased range of motion of the joint, reduced pain and inflammation.
  • The NRX® material has been tested for skin irritation by the SGS Ultra Trace & Industrial Safety Hygiene.
  • Laminated in textile jersey for high comfort. 
  • Has been tested for skin irritation by the SGS Ultra Trace & Industrial Safety Hygiene.
  • Available in Black only
  • Each box comes with 10 a 10 piece pack of pre-cut hook fasteners. Fasteners also available to purchase separately here: Extra NRX Hook 

30mm width x 3.1 metre
50mm width x 3.1 metre
110mm width x 3.1 metre


HTP Mediroyal NRX Splinting Patterns

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality

It was so nice to meet you at the recent conference. Thanks for the tips on this product. I'm finding it awesome. Cheers!

NRX review

Mediroyal NRX strap is the ideal material to use to make Buddy Straps. Fold over a strip and sew and then cut to shape. Add hook and you have a very cost effective way of making Buddy Straps.


I have been using NRX strap for the last 6 months. I previously used Fabrifoam for wrist wraps but I find NRX strap is more durable and being ventilated is less sweaty for my clients. Black is also more acceptable.