Manex Radial Hand Splint - Black

Manex Radial Hand Splint is made of NeoTex material.

Specifically developed for patients with radial paresis but can also be used for other diagnoses. Including, carpal tunnel syndrome, post traumatic after radius fracture, ulnar drift of fingers or subluxation of MCP joints.

Designed to be able to update and adjust during the complete rehabilitation of the patient. Consists of three pieces:

  • Finger part
  • thumb piece and; 
  • orthosis with thermoplastic material for the dorsal side. 

When using during night-time, replace the finger part with the included soft-strap for support.

Indications: To support and enable a functional grip of the hand.
Available in Left & Right. 

For more information please refer to the Product Brochure

Colour: Black

Measure Wrist Circumference:
S / 13-16 cm
M / 16-18 cm
L / 18-22 cm

Introduction Video:


How to fit and mould the Manex Radial Splint

Customer Reviews

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Best I've used

So easy to use for people with radial nerve palsy / wrist drop / Saturday night palsy. Comfortable for them to wear, no issues with skin tolerance / lack of sensibility. And super easy for the hand therapist to fit it on! Much less time-consuming and bulky than a thermoplastic splint.

Manex Radial Splint

I used this splint recently for a client who had joint replacement surgery for a Rheumatoid Hand. It worked well for her, leaving her wounds free and offering support at the same time.