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Lace Up Wrist & Thumb

MR2272 ·  Lace-Up Wrist & Thumb The  Lace-Up Wrist & Thumb is a new model that combines  both thumb- and wrist stability with a lace-up closure system for easy  application. The model is made from a Ventus™ material with loop  surface on the outside. This makes it possible to apply the NRX® hook on  the lace-up system anywhere on the surface of the brace. The Ventus™  material has a micro fleece lining, is comfortable and breathable.  The lace-up system is designed with two NRX® hook closures that provide  a low profile and a secure attachment. The hook closures can be attached  anywhere on the surface and can provide different levels of support  depending on where they are positioned. The brace has a fixed tongue  that makes it possible to apply like a glove. The thumb grip is adjustable.

Indications: General thumb and wrist instability, De Quervain,  inflammatory diseases or tendinitis.  Lace Up Wrist & Thumb Splint

 XS  13–14cm

S     14–16cm

 M   16–18cm

 L    18–20cm

 XL  20–22cm 

 XXL   21–23cm