Capener Mod Armchair Finger SP Short - Black

A dynamic splint with coil design for PIP and DIP joint flexion contractures which allows DIP joint to be free for active range of movement.

The shorter, stronger spring supports PIP, leaving the DIP joint free to flex.
Can be used as a progressive splint after intensive use of the Single Armchair Splint CAP/2.

Size Circumference at PIP

XS / 5 - 5.5 cm
S / 5.5 - 6 cm
M / 6 - 6.5 cm
L / 6.5 - 7 cm
XL / 7 - 7.5 cm

Watch this video that includes the Capener Finger Splint about 1min 30 seconds in

Customer Reviews

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Great for grumpy PIPJs

I use this for clients with stiff contracted PIPJs (eg after volar plate injury, sprain, fracture, surgery, PIP dislocations, Bountonierre etc) that are grumpy and swell when too much force is applied (as may be the case with other dynamic PIPJ ext splints!). It provides the optimal low load prolonged stretch to create a plastic (not just elastic) change in tissue length, and can correct a fixed flexion contracture in a couple of weeks. Not as messy as POP! The short ones are great if you want to keep the DIPJ moving (tight ORLs) and the long ones awesome if you need a longer lever.