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Thumb spica splint socks that make the splints more comfortable.

I love in the tropics and my wrists and forearms sweat in their splints, a LOT. These splint socks take it all in their stride, keeping my skin from being soaked all day and assuring the comfort I need to keep active.

Easy to use

Very easy to fit when busy in the hospitals

Great correction

I'm at a desk all day and have terrible posture. This is the most comfortable brace I've ever bought., very helpful


My daughter dislocates her knees often and this brace worked wonders. Light to wear and easy to use

Capener Armchair Finger Splint Long - Black
Tom B.

Appreciate your advice on these. Great product and helpful in my practice. Cheers.

NRX Strap
Excellent quality

It was so nice to meet you at the recent conference. Thanks for the tips on this product. I'm finding it awesome. Cheers!


This putty works well for hand strengthening.

TFCC / ulnar sided wrist pathology

OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS NEW PRODUCT!!! I may never make a thermoplastic sugartong / munster splint ever again! For clients with ulnar sided wrist pain, TFCC issues, pre/post operatively, or after ulna shortening osteotomy, these are my new FAVOURITE go to!!! Super easy to fit to the client, no heat or molding required, so easy to adjust to accommodate swelling, with the elbow component included it totally stops forearm rotation but allows elbow flexion / extension so MUCH better than an above/elbow cast. Clients love them too! No more repeat return visits to remodel sugartong / munster splints, and no need to change into a different splint after 6/52. Take a look at this link!

Isotoner Gloves Open Finger Pair
Lisa, O.T.
Scarring or swelling

These work really well to prevent hypertrophic scarring on hands. A cost effective alternative to custom-made pressure garments, or useful as an interim measure when not yet quite ready for custom-mades. I use them on any hands with burns / scars that have taken longer than 2 weeks to heal, as a preventative measure. Also great for swelling that is not responding to the light oedema gloves. No inside seams to irritate skin, nice open cuff so easy for clients with limitted function to don/doff.

Awesome for neuro

This has been a godsend for my client with very high tone and clenched fists. It was so bad his mum and carers could not open his fingers to clean his skin in his palm. These are soft, comfortable, easy to apply, machine washable and have kept his fingers slightly open and palmar skin in so much better condition.

Great for grumpy PIPJs

I use this for clients with stiff contracted PIPJs (eg after volar plate injury, sprain, fracture, surgery, PIP dislocations, Bountonierre etc) that are grumpy and swell when too much force is applied (as may be the case with other dynamic PIPJ ext splints!). It provides the optimal low load prolonged stretch to create a plastic (not just elastic) change in tissue length, and can correct a fixed flexion contracture in a couple of weeks. Not as messy as POP! The short ones are great if you want to keep the DIPJ moving (tight ORLs) and the long ones awesome if you need a longer lever.

Perfect for little hands

Such a nice comfy colourful option for little hands (also fits small teenagers and small adults). Nice to use for sprains, or for when weaning out of a cast. Adjustable (and removable) volar bar makes it even easier for weaning, and returning kids to sports etc.

Best I've used

So easy to use for people with radial nerve palsy / wrist drop / Saturday night palsy. Comfortable for them to wear, no issues with skin tolerance / lack of sensibility. And super easy for the hand therapist to fit it on! Much less time-consuming and bulky than a thermoplastic splint.

Excellent quality

Would recommend


This is one of my professional favourite supports for patients after their cast has been removed. Also good for treatment of Colles fracture.

Thera P Wrist Splint Universal
Alison C.

This is one of my professional favourites for wrist braces and a suitable support for after cast removal along with a support for Colles Fracture.

Manex Radial Splint

I used this splint recently for a client who had joint replacement surgery for a Rheumatoid Hand. It worked well for her, leaving her wounds free and offering support at the same time.

Oedema sleeve review

I like these sleeves as they are contoured rather than straight. I feel this gives a better fit and provides more even compression.

Oedema gloves

A good quality basic glove. I have had no issues with the seams on this glove, unlike other brands that I previously used.

Review of Jura black wrist and thumb brace

An ideal low cost thumb spica. This splint is padded and yet has a low profile. It's my 'go to' off the shelf splint for a wide number of conditions.

Pollo Form XL

I use the Jura Polloform extra-long for all my Mums with De Quervians. The length of this splint makes it ideal and it can be easily washed if you remove the thermoplastic.

NRX Strap
NRX review

Mediroyal NRX strap is the ideal material to use to make Buddy Straps. Fold over a strip and sew and then cut to shape. Add hook and you have a very cost effective way of making Buddy Straps.

NRX Strap

I have been using NRX strap for the last 6 months. I previously used Fabrifoam for wrist wraps but I find NRX strap is more durable and being ventilated is less sweaty for my clients. Black is also more acceptable.