June 15, 2021 1 min read

Alison Coyle Occupational Therapist and Registered Hand Therapist introduces and demonstrates how to use a variety of finger splints for conditions such as PIP joint flexion contractures and also demonstrates how to correctly fit and adjust the tension on the Mediroyal LMB splint.

Watch Alison demonstrate the Promedics Capener splint with its coil design to provide 3 point pressure.


Other helpful info:

  • Mediroyal LMB splint goal is to increase extension at the PIP joint. 
  • May be used to treat stubborn contractures of less than 30 degrees.  
  • Lighter pressure to hold the PIP joint in its end available range. 
  • The Promedics Capener splint is tolerated overnight for sustained low load prolonged stretch. 
  • Long and short versions to provide larger area of force distribution. 
  • How to measure for the splints using the circumference of the PIP joint.


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