June 15, 2021 1 min read

Watch how to make a basic thumb strap using Mediroyal NRX Strap. Alison Coyle, Occupational Therapist and Registered Hand Therapist demonstrates how to use the NRX strap to make a basic thumb strap, which can be used to treat conditions such as thumb arthritis, a thumb sprain, thumb abduction, thumb immobilisation and CMC arthritis.  

  • Fabrication of a thumb strap using Mediroyal NRX 30 mm.
  • Simple thumb support providing compression and light support.
  • Comparison to fabri foam and neoprene. Features of each product.
  • Fabrifoam non- slip lining comparison to Mediroyal NRX non-slip lining.
  • Neoprene comparison no non-slip lining, non-ventilated.



The Mediroyal NRX strap is a new soft splinting material that can be used for a wide variety of applications for the hand. It is an excellent product for hand therapists to use on their patients. It can be used to increase range of motion, reduce pain, reduce inflammation.


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