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June 15, 2021 1 min read

Alison Coyle, Occupational Therapist and Registered Hand Therapist demonstrates how to fit the Jura Pollo Form splint.

The Jura Pollo Form Thumb splint is excellent for osteoarthritis and De Quervains is available in 3 different lengths:

  • Short used for thumb CMC joint Osteo arthritis 
  • Long adds wrist support for CMC joint instabilities, sprains 
  • Extra-long for De Quervains, stabilises both the wrist and the thumb. 

The Jura Pollo form splint is made for washable neoprene with a bound edge.

Product features

  • The unique two-way stretch material gives the Pollo Form excellent properties for supporting the wrist and thumb. 
  • Outer material is durable and supports an inner pocket with a pre-cut low temperature thermoplastic insert. 
  • The insert is activated by pouring warm water into the pocket. 
  • After removing the water the brace is then fitted to the patient whilst forming the insert to hold the thumb in the required position. 
  • The insert can be reactivated to allow serial adjustments or removed later in the treatment programme.

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